ntil the present day, 22,000 people have been licensed as the health information manager, enabling it to provide quality medical services using high quality medical information. They are actively working in various organizations such as the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Central Cancer Registration Office, the Statistics Korea, the Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service, and insurance companies as well as the department of health information(record), the department of insurance review, the administrative department and the department of radiology of medical institutions.

The health information manage, a specialist with a convergence knowledge, systematically and integrally manages the data necessary to manage quality health care services by collecting, storing, analyzing and utilizing the data. Incomplete medical records threaten patient safety and result in an 10-15% economic loss in the hospital turnover. The health information manager has expertise in data quality management in order to collect high quality medical data, fulfilling their duties in silence. In particular, they act as coding experts to establish accurate disease and surgical classification data according to the international disease classification standards. In order to store and utilize the accumulated high quality medical information, it is necessary to keep the confidentiality of personal health information above all. In addition, they calculate various statistics using accumulated health information. Furthermore, they are playing a professional role in improving the quality of medical services based on data.

Since ICT era has come and all the data has become informational, it is time to change the role of the health information manager who has been managing the information using paper as a medium. At a time when it is necessary to make efforts to change the role of the health information manager in order to actively cope with the needs of this age, I was inaugurated as the president of the association.
What I would like to promote as the president of association are as follows.
First, I would like to make the Korea Medical Record Association a place full of love and affection. Even though love and joy are overflowing nowadays, I think that it is necessary to share love and affection more than now as the world environment becomes more and more difficult for us.
Second, I will try to become the health information manager with leadership based on respect. Now that we are in the age of convergence, professional knowledge is important, but it is also important to respect each other. It is necessary for all of us to make efforts to achieve this.
Third, I would like to build a lifelong education system that can raise professional competence as the health information manager. It seems that now is the time when it is difficult to perform our duties with only the knowledge learned in school. I would like to build a system that allows members to study for a lifetime, centering around the association.
Fourth, I would like to pioneer the job field of the health information manager. Professors and students of many universities are worried about their future career. The association will try to pioneer the students' career path with the help of professors.\

Thank you.

March, 2018
Kang, Sung Hong,
The president of Korean Medical Record Association